Benefits of Duck Eggs for Male Sexual Health – Cure Impotence in Men

Benefits of Duck Eggs for Male Sexual Health - Cure Impotence in Men

Benefits of Duck Eggs for Male Sexual - Cure

Benefits of Duck Eggs for Male Sexual Health – in Men
There are many factors that influence the decline in . Among them is the psychological pressure such as stress, , lack of sleep and improper diet.

Trying to eat duck eggs that reportedly can increase sex drive, was confirmed by Dr. Bambang Sukamto, DMSH of On Clinic, Jakarta. “Yes, duck eggs are high in fat and protein, which implies helping the growth of sperm and testosterone, and would be good to increase sexual performance,” he said.

Medically, duck eggs can even be used as a tool to cure impotence by eating two eggs a day. And it is good to drink with honey or herbs, vegetables and accompanied by a zinc-containing foods such as mussels and oysters. helps the growth of and sperm.

“But if the passion is back to normal, duck is one egg a day or four eggs a week. And should select the village duck eggs because it is still natural, not contaminated by chemical substances such as eggs produced by the factory,” suggested Dr. Bambang.

Duck eggs as a supplement to sex, it has been believed since decades ago. Many ways to mix the duck eggs as a supplement. Among them, mixed with special herbal drinks for men or be a substitute for extra sweet as that of the Minang.

“Tea egg”, a duck egg yolk, plus two tablespoons of sugar, beaten in the glass is about 10 or 15 minutes. Served with hot tea water. The herb is for the newly married bride, it has become mandatory drinks before having sex.

Many types of eggs are believed to have efficacy improve sexual performance, one of them is a . Dr. Bambang explained, for a normal man should avoid eating duck eggs, because it can be fatal, accumulation of fat and cholesterol increase. Likewise with being sick with and kidney disorders, it can cause impotence.

“Also, do not eat them too often. Can lead to dependency and self-conscious every time you have sex. Result remains impotence. So, do not match the duck eggs, with the other sex supplements that can be consumed every 1 day or before sex. Before you making duck eggs as an alternative medicine, you should first health check, in order to avoid side effects such as allergies, “said Dr. Bambang.

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