7 Benefits of Betel Leaf for Health

7 Benefits of Betel Leaf for Health

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7 Benefits of for Health
Betel leaf has a Latin name Piper betle L, is native to Indonesia, which has long been recognized as one of the medicinal plants that have tremendous benefits. In some areas in Indonesia there is even a tradition in which a person chewing betel leaves.

There are many substances that are good for health are contained in the betel oils, especially those that have been processed and taken the oil. derived from betel leaf containing betIephenol, seskuiterpen, starch, diatase, sugar, the same substance and kavikol (has the power to kill germs), anti-oxidation and fungicides, anti-fungal.

In Chinese pharmacology, betel is a plant that has a warm and spicy nature. Traditionally, they use betel leaves to shed fart, stop coughing, reduce inflammation and relieve itching. In the of India, the betel leaf is known as a warm , antiseptics, and even .

Here are some of the benefits of betel with the recipes:

and :
Boil 5-6 betel leaves with 2 cups water to boil. Cool and strain and use to rinse the mouth every morning and evening.

Swollen gums / mouth:
Take 5-6 pieces of betel leaf. Boil 3 water glass until boiled. Lift and strain, add salt. Use it to gargle three times daily.

Eliminates body odor:
Take 2-3 pieces of betel leaves soaked in hot water 1 / 2 cup. Add one teaspoon of white sugar. Allow the water to warm. Drink the water.

5 pieces of betel leaf
Cloves, cardamom, cubeb, each of 11 seeds
Cinnamon 1 finger
All the material after being washed, boiled with 2 cups of water up to 1 ½ cups water to live. Lift and strain.
Drinking rules:
Children age 1 s.d. 3 years 3 times a day 1 tablespoon.
Children age 4 s.d. 5 years 3 times a day 3 tablespoons
Children age 6 s.d. 11 years 3 times a day 5 tablespoons
Adult 3 times a day

vaginal discharge:
To prevent or treat vaginal discharge, reduce itching of the vagina, use of betel leaf decoction to wash the vagina.

(nosebleeds = Java)
Ingredients: 1 sheet of betel leaf.
Method: betel leaf rolled while pressed, until release the oil.
How to use: used to stanch the bleeding nose / nose bleeds.

Ingredients: 7 betel leaves and 1 piece of sugar cubes.
Method: betel leaf chopped, then boiled with sugar cubes with 2 cups water until boiling. Left 1 cup, and then filtered.
How to use: drink 3 times a day, 3 tablespoons

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